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We are a full-service Consulting and Counseling firm specializing in Educational Consulting, Life Coaching, Career, family, and Relationship Counseling.

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How we can help with career and life choices 

Everyone faces difficult choices and stressors in their career, relationships, family, and everyday life. Should I go back to college? Is changing my career the right choice now? Is my relationship going in the right direction? How can I manage my stress and balance my work and personal life?
These are all questions that we face at some point in our lives and we are here to help you. With the right plan and guidance, we can make those choices easier and help you overcome the barriers in your life. By using proven and effective modalities of cognitive-behavioral, solution-focused, and meditation techniques to overcome the stressors and barriers in your life.

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How we help with education

The choices we have to make for our children's educational future can be overwhelming from high school to college. Not every educational setting works best for all students, that's why we are here to guide you through the options you did not even know were available.
What college is a good fit for my child? What is the FAFSA? What is the NCAA Clearinghouse? Everyone has questions and we are here to answer them. The team at Future Focused has the experience and resources that can help you make those decisions for your child's future easier.

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What our clients write about us

I could not recommend Mr. Leitz and his excellent coaching and counseling skills enough. He worked with both my kids and helped them get into their first-choice, top-ranked schools. Today, my son is studying in one of the best business programs in the world at the University of Southern California and my daughter is completing her pre-medical education at the Ivy League institution, the University of Pennsylvania. Their dreams could not have been accomplished without Mr. Leitz helping and motivating them along the way. Whether we needed advice on the right extracurriculars to choose, the perfect summer opportunities, navigating the college applications process, or simply staying motivated and ambitious to pursue our goals, Mr. Leitz was always willing and able to provide us with the right resources and knowledge my children needed to accomplish their goals. His knowledge, dedication, and professionalism is unmatched, and I cannot thank him and recommend him enough. Thank you, Mr. Leitz! 


Business owner and parent of two wonderful children

Founder Jay Leitz has been a tremendous help in my high school to career journey. As a freshman transfer student from another school back in 2012 midway through a semester, I had worried greatly about my academics. Luckily, those worries vanished immediately when I met Mr. Leitz. He worked diligently to ensure that I was well equipped with the essential resources needed to prepare us for college and keep us on track. Mr. Leitz recommended that I attend the Bard Early College of New Orleans dual enrollment program my junior year of high school, and received 12 college credit hours upon completion. Eventually, I graduated as Valedictorian of my senior class, received over $500,000 worth of scholarship offers, and over 14 acceptances from many notable colleges and universities including Howard, Spelman, Xavier of Louisiana, and more. I decided to pursue my secondary education at Louisiana State University where I had also received a full ride. The resources and preparations I’ve been provided by Mr. Leitz have truly impacted my collegiate and professional life. After utilizing the 12 college credit hours I received in high school, I became an official alumna of LSU in 3.5 years. Shortly after receiving my Bachelor of Arts Degree in Political Science, I received an internship on Capitol Hill via the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation. After completing my internship, I was hired as a full-time employee at the age of 21 by the late Chairman Elijah E. Cummings of the U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Homeland Security. Shortly after his passing, I went on to work for the House Committee on Homeland Security. I can honestly attest, I would not have accomplished half of this without Mr. Leitz's guidance and coaching. I am forever grateful for his help!

Kenyatta Collins

Legislative Assistant at House Committee on Homeland Security Washington, District of Columbia, United States 

I met Mr. Leitz during my junior year of high school. I had only been in my new school for a year, but I didn’t realize how many people were looking out for me. Leitz, as my peers and I affectionately called him, recommended me to join a new dual-enrollment program for a liberal arts school in the area (Bard Early College New Orleans). I didn't even know what liberal arts education was, let alone know how to engage with it. Still, through that program, I unlocked a new level within my education and fell in love with a new way of learning. That same program prepared me to attend Bard College in New York, an opportunity that Leitz made possible by recommending me for a national leadership scholarship (The Posse Foundation). Once again, he had presented me with an opportunity that I didn't even know existed, yet it changed my life nonetheless. Leitz’s support went beyond in his duties of checking in on our classes and helping us find nice colleges. He was a support system when my own family simply couldn’t be. He persuaded them of my potential and defended me from doubts of others and myself. I am immensely grateful for the role and influence he played in my education, and as I continue my own career in education, I can only hope I can do the same for another children as he did for me.

Shaundraneka Gills

Educator, Bard College Alumni Class of 2018

I highly recommend Jay and his team for any guidance you may need in any areas of your life. Jay has been helping me navigate and cope with different areas of my life for several years now. He started out helping me with setting benchmarks and employee evaluations for my small business. He also helped me to cope with the stresses that come with divorce and becoming a single mother with two children and one with severe special needs. I was most recently diagnosed with a rare neuromuscular disease that has resulted in me being in a wheelchair 24-7. Jay has helped me in more ways than I can count. He has helped me navigate and face the issues head-on with having a severe low functioning child. Since my diagnosis, he has also helped me learn coping mechanisms, develop and work towards plans and goals that would allow me to be the best parent that I can be with all of my physical limitations.


Parent of two wonderful boys

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